“Follow me”

Would you like to know how to follow Jesus? Perhaps you’re new to the Christian faith or just don’t know what the next step you should take is. Discover Church can help!

Whether you are married or single, with children or without, young or old, Discover Church is a community that wants to help you move towards Jesus and with Jesus in the world. We do this through meeting together on Sundays, through readings and teachings from the Bible and by sharing in what’s called “The Lord’s Supper” with one another. We also do this casually throughout the week in small groups that meet for early morning cuppas, or during lunch breaks from work, or for dinner around the family table or dining out. We meet anywhere and everywhere at anytime, because following Jesus is a way of life, not an event; a journey, not a destination. We simply want to do life with Jesus…together.

There is a way to follow Jesus, come share and learn the way with us.