Discover Church

Rediscover Life

We are all on this journey in life. We all ask the same questions, “Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?” The journey is part of what makes life so grand. But what good is a journey if there is never a destination, something to be achieved? For some people, in their journey, they have yet to Discover God, Faith, Hope, and Life in Christ. For others, those who have been hurt by some who call themselves “Christians,” their journey needs to lead them to reDiscover God, Faith, Hope, and Healing in Christ. Together we are discovering what it means to be the people of God today, in this culture, in this generation and we invite you to join us and Discover a community we call the Church.

Discover Church – a Church Belonging to Christ.

Would you like to know how to follow Jesus? Perhaps you’re new to the Christian faith or just don’t know what the next step you should take is. Discover Church can help!

Whether you are married or single, with children or without, young or old, Discover Church is a community that wants to help you move towards Jesus and with Jesus in the world. We do this through meeting together on Sundays, through readings and teachings from the Bible and by sharing in what’s called “The Lord’s Supper” with one another. We also do this casually throughout the week in small groups that meet for early morning cuppas, or during lunch breaks from work, or for dinner around the family table or dining out. We meet anywhere and everywhere at anytime, because following Jesus is a way of life, not an event; a journey, not a destination. We simply want to do life with Jesus…together.

There is a way to follow Jesus, come share and learn the way with us.

DC’s heritage comes out of the “Restoration Movement,” which seeks to unite all followers of Jesus around the model of Christianity found in the New Testament. We are Christian first and only, but recognise that we are not the only Christians. We believe that in core Christian teachings we ought to be united; that in all other disputable matters there is liberty; but in all things we ought to actively demonstrate love. Our unity comes from Christ and not creed, holy scripture and not tradition, service to God and not hierarchical structures. Our goal is to join in the mission of God and we seek with all that we are, everywhere we are, to usher in God’s new creation in Jesus Christ the Lord.

To know God and to be known by God and to help others in the same pursuit

To be a Church that is… Everywhere you are!

3 in 1 – We value the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and how they each uniquely work in our lives.

Moving at the Speed of Life – We value being a group that brings the gospel to people in everyday situations.

Going the Extra Mile – We value going above and beyond serving our neighbors and community.

Leaving the 99 – We value going after the one lost person, knowing that there will be great rejoicing when they are found.

Inviting Community – We value being a body of people that invite people to our community, but we also value being a place that people feel welcome and safe.

Contact us

PHONE – 02102385571

MEETING TIMES – Sundays 5pm - 7pm
• Massey Community Hub – 385 Don Buck Road
• Every 3rd Sunday in House Groups – Call for location

• Call Justin @ 021 0200 8911 to enquire about Sunday meeting times and locations

CLASSES – Adults; Kids ages 0-13

Discover Church exists to grow a community on mission to love and restore the lost, the least and lonely of New Zealand back to God.